Rock Climbing


Each year, April through September I am running rock-climbing specific workshops on:

  • single pitch (sport and trad)
  • multi pitch (trad and alpine)
  • self-rescue from vertical terrain

The levels covered are introductory, intermediate and advanced. Usually the courses run over 3 intensive full days (most commonly Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

The ratio instructor:students is 1:4 for single pitch and self-rescue and 1:2 for multi-pitch

The workshops take place usually in the Dolomites, Chamonix, Turzii Gorge (the Carpathians) but other locations are possible based on your needs and availability.

During booking the students are dutifully informed about:

  • the schedule of the workshop
  • the prerequisites for the course
  • any necessary prior specific training and
  • the necessary equipment.

I am always providing all the group technical equipment (ropes, protections, slings) and usually I may be able to help supplementing your personal equipment where lacking.

Upon request I am able to provide custom-designed courses or coaching based on your particular location, duration, interests and goals.


I am also available for private guiding of selected routes. For all private guiding that involves any form of climbing the ratio guide:guests is 1:1 and only in some cases 1:2.

The best way to book a trip or course and to discuss the details is to contact me here: