Winter climbing


Each year, December through March I am running winter specific workshops on:

  • ice climbing
  • mixed climbing
  • alpine climbing

The levels covered are introductory, intermediate and advanced. Usually the courses run over 3 intensive full days (most commonly Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

The ratio instructor:students is 1:4.

The workshops take place usually in the Fagaras or Retezat Mountains (the Carpathians) but other locations are possible based on your needs and availability. For ice climbing the location I favour is Austria.

During booking the students are dutifully informed about:

  • the schedule of the workshop
  • the prerequisites for the course
  • any necessary prior specific training and
  • the necessary equipment.

I am always providing all the group technical equipment (ropes, protections, slings) and usually I may be able to help supplementing your personal equipment where lacking.

Upon request I am able to provide custom-designed courses or coaching based on your particular location, duration, interests and goals.


I am also available for private guiding of selected routes. For all private guiding that involves any form of climbing the ratio guide:guests is 1:1 and only in some cases 1:2. For snow-shoeing and winter trekking the ratio is determined by the chosen route and can exceed the above mentioned.