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T16, South summit, Zanskar, India “Supercouloir” ED – first ascent

I In the winter of 2016 I received a request from a free-lance journalist, Maya K. Prabhu, asking for opinions on the alpinism scene in India for a piece she was preparing for the USA based magazine ‘Alpinist’. (Since then the article has appeared in issue nr 54 / summer 2016 under the title Notes from the Frontier). Following the conversation with… Read more →

Enjoying Odin (Review)

I hate cold! I love alpine climbing! Quite hard to reconcile the two and quite a lot of misery to have been through to do what I love. That until recently… Everything about going to climb in Alaska sounded exciting and fascinating. Everything in pictures looked cool and inviting. Everything but the dreadful ‘it’ll be cold as hell’ (well, if… Read more →