Porphyry in Parm. Comm.

Porphyry in Parm. Comm.

Porphyry’s Commentary to Plato’s Parmenides

Translation from Ancient Greek, Introduction and Notes: Cosmin Andron and Gabriel Chindea

ISBN 978-973-50-2778-0

Finally the book is out…. Only took about 10 years since the first draft…. Of these, in the last 5 I could not even care less about the subject and if it were not for Gabi’s persistence this would have been another book kept in the drawer never to see the print. Yet now I am glad it is out, although, being away, on a different continent, I am yet to touch the hard copy. It all started with my MA dissertation and turned into serious research that took me to Dublin, London, Prague, Oxford and Paris. Work we divided equally although I must admit, the finer touches and the wrap-up are all Gabi’s, and all done at a time when Neoplatonism was background interest for me.


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