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In a debate with a fellow guide about the current state of mountaineering, Cosmin Andron struggles to answer the question, What is climbing for? From the Carpathian Mountains of Romania to the Western Garhwal of India, the Romanian alpinist recalls false starts, unplanned walls—and the intense, indescribable feeling that lures him on.

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Statul Islamic: implozia islamismului și terorismul trans-național   Publicat prima dată în Adevărul I – II – III   1.   Devoltarea conflictelor între actorii politici îmbracă nenumărate forme violența fiind una dintre cele mai vizibile și de impact iar în cadrul acesteia terorismul fiind și cea a cărei detalii primesc cea mai largă mediatizare. Există un lanț cauzal pentru care acest lucru se petrece și care explică logica unui atentat terorist. Produs al unui conflict asimetric, atentatul terorist este, în esența sa, mai degrabă o activitate de PR decât o manevră militară. Dimensiunea politică este cea care face diferența între simpla atrocitate criminală și actul terorist. Un act de violență, indiferent de magnitudinea sa, care nu are un scop politic, nu are drept țintă populația civilă și nu este condus de un agent non-statal nu este, în general, asimilat unui act terorist.   Emergenența pe scena politică internațională a Statului Islamic (sub diversele…

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Four and a half years of amazing experiences, people and places are closing behind. I am leaving today China to return to Europe for a not determined yet period of time. I will miss China, the people I met and everything that was such an important part of my life. Will return at some point but until then I’ll keep close my memories. Thank you China for the most fantastic time of my life so far! Thank you!

Unfortunately quite often the words China and pollution are mentioned in the same sentence and this makes it more of an event when something actually happens to correct that! Project Aware is an NGO involved in environmental (especially underwater) protection and conservation and eah year organises an International Cleanup Day where  volunteers gather in various sites all over th world to clean the ocean, the beaches and to make a statement about the importance of keeping the blue planet…. blue…. Last Sunday (21 Sept ’08) I took part in such an event (the 18th) organised by Geoffrey Yue (from Gaia Adenture Diving Centre) and others at Xichong, near Shenzhen. Quite a lot of people were present, press and a dozen of divers, both Chinese and foreigner.

For those who are looking to contribute to current aid efforts underway, you can now donate money to the Red Cross Society of China which has formed a disaster relief working group to be dispatched to the earthquake-stricken Wenchuan County in Sichuan. They have also published an emergency relief hotline, along with bank account information to receive donations to assist their cause: Account name: Red Cross Society of China For those who want to donate in RMB: you can send money to the RMB account at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch below: 0200001009014413252 For those who want to donate in foreign currency, you can send money to the foreign currency account at the CITIC Bank branch below: 7112111482600000209 Hotline: (8610) 65139999 Online donations: Red Cross Society of China website:

I am sorry to disappoint my self-righteous friends but i have to say that, concerning the recent events surrounding the trip of the Olympic flame , I find myself on the side of the Chinese people… I am afraid us, the westerners, are too quick to transfer our values, political and ethical expectations onto other civilizations; we see everything through our home-made lenses and if sometimes the reality is skewed we blame the reality and not the lenses or our projections… It is easy to be self-righteous when does not affect you; it is easy to condemn other people’s nationalism when yours goes unquestioned. If Beijng deserves boycott for these Olympic games i see plenty of reasons, within the same framework, for Atlanta, Sydney or London to have received similar protests; somehow, though, our right is more right than others’ and it seems fashionable today for people to have pet-causes…

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Three films that say a lot and say it well… 21 Grams Things We Lost in the Fire Gone Baby, Gone

Ingrediente: – un plan facut in graba cu parteneri care apar si dispar ca mustele. de regule 5 persoane ajung ca sa fii sigur ca pornesti cu unul… – un obiectiv care arata bine in poze si e probabil un cosmar in realitate – iarna – tibet – chinezi pe sosea – mai multi chinezi pe sosea – si mai multi chinezi pe sosea – o tona de vise despre plaja – doua zile de inghetat in masina – nisip (cit incape) – peste – si mai mult peste Cum se gateste: Se porneste la intimplare spre Tibet cu incapatinata ignorare a faptului ca: partenerii se retrag, nu prea este un plan, o iarna ca-n povesti (de groaza) paralizeaza China, aeroporturile sint inchise, trenurile oprite si permisul care costa 30USD se scumpeste la 700USD.  Se mizeaza pe faptul ca romanul e inventiv si se rezolva aspectele critice cu trei solutii…

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I forgot the pleasure of snow. Living in the south of China I meet snow only when I go to climb mountains and then I tend to inflict pain on my body. Snow means now cold, frostbite, avalanche and at best struggle and discomfort.

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Well, blogging (I think this is a word on its own right by now) seems to be the fashion in the virtual world at the moment and a rather contagious fashion. I guess I could not resist the temptation of harbouring a place where I can randomly dump gems of wisdom and entertain both the illusion of conversation and the works of the mysterious little daemon of sharing thoughts and experiences.