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One up – one down.

29/30 January 2010 I’m at my mother’s house in Northern Transylania – I haven’t been home since Christmas and now, barely arrived from the train station, I’m getting my skis ready. I’m leaving in ’15… When I returned home from Asia, a year ago, I promised longer times at home – a promised I fell short off… In the evening,… Read more →

Goodbye Riccardo Cassin

Article by Vinicio Stefanello and copied from Planet Mountain 07/08/2009 Goodbye Riccardo Cassin Riccardo Cassin passed away last night at his home in Resinelli at the foot of his beloved Grigna mountain. Cassin was one of the world’s all time absolute mountaineering legends. He had celebrated his 100th birthday on 2 January. It’s going to be hard to get used… Read more →